Crooked or misaligned teeth not only look unsightly, they can also make cleaning the teeth difficult. This may eventually lead to gum disease and if t left untreated, to bone and oth loss. Misalignment can also mean a bite issue, meaning your bite is not balanced the way nature intended it to. As we age, it was shown that our teeth constantly moves and the alignment and bite can worsen with age which can result in constant breakage of teeth, TMJ joint pain, and wearing away of enamel and dentin layers of teeth reducing the ability of the teeth to protect itself from the constant force and bacteria we subject it to on a daily basis.

Getting orthodontic treatment is the solution to align the teeth back to where it should have been to begin with. This can be done through traditional metal braces or through a series of specially molded aligners such as Invisalign or ClearCorrect. The advent of advent of clear aligners as alternative to the traditional braces has been one of most exciting event in orthodontics for the past two decades. It has come a long way since giving you the straighter teeth you desire without the not so pleasing and difficult to clean brackets and wires. This has also decreased gum disease due to inability or difficulty to clean teeth properly due to food getting stuck in brackets. Invisalign is great orthodontic appliance treatment for both the adults and your teens!

Call the office for a Complimentary Invisalign Consultation for you and your Teen!

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