Root Canal

"Root canal" seems to be becoming a scary term for some dental patients. It is not a surprise though with the rising number of negative publicity from the social media. The truth is, root canal procedure is very similar to having your fillings done. When you get a cavity, the affected decayed tooth is removed, the surrounding area is disinfected and then replaced with a filling. In a root canal, once the bacteria reaches the pulp of the tooth, the infected pulp and decayed tooth are removed, the surrounding areas are disinfected and then replaced or sealed. If proper post treatments recommendations and check ups are followed, the historical success rate of root canal is high and the abscess reduction goes hand in hand with its success. Studies show, that the benefits of such procedures supersedes the negative effect of removing teeth at the first sign of cavities or infected pulp without proper exam, diagnosis and treatment planning.

Although prevention is better than treatment, treatment of infected nerves with root canal are necessary for our total well being. Like it or not, our body is a single unit interconnected with intricate webs of blood vessels, veins and nerves. If one part of it, for example, the tooth is left untreated or not properly treated from an active disease, it can pose detrimental effects to the heart and the brain. If you believe that you may have an active disease in your tooth or gums, it is important that you consult our dentists and get a proper diagnosis, treatment and follow-up check ups.

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