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Maintaining a perfectly white smile is difficult, if not impossible, no matter how often you use straws or steer clear of stainers like cigarettes and coffee. At Genesis Dentistry Dental Group in Santa Clara, California, Michelle de la Vega, DDS, provides effective teeth whitening in the office or in the form of take-home kits to lift years-old staining and discoloration. To swiftly lighten your teeth by several shades, call Genesis Dentistry Dental Group or book a teeth-whitening consultation online today.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a purely cosmetic dental service that you can get if you’re not satisfied with the shade of your teeth. No matter how well you take care of your teeth and how diligent you are about brushing, flossing, and attending professional cleanings, teeth become stained. Teeth-whitening treatments combat staining and discoloration to help you appreciate your smile. 

What should I expect during my teeth-whitening procedure?

At Genesis Dentistry Dental Group, Dr. de la Vega provides two types of whitening services that work a bit differently. She helps you choose the strategy that fits well with your lifestyle and yields the results you want to see. 

After reviewing the state of your oral health, Dr. de la Vega helps you choose between:

In-office whitening

When you come for in-office whitening, Dr. de la Vega gives your teeth a brief cleaning, then applies a protective material to shield your gums. She applies a bleaching gel to the outer surface of your teeth and shines an intense light on them to accelerate the whitening process. This takes between 15 and 30 minutes.

Take-home kits

Take-home kits are the better option if you’re too busy for an appointment. Dr. de la Vega gives you custom trays that fit perfectly over your teeth, with a powerful whitening gel that you can’t get at the drugstore. 

What kinds of stains can I remove with teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is an advanced process that reduces and removes many types of age-related discoloration. There are two main types of stains that teeth whitening, both in-office and take-home, works against:

Extrinsic staining

Extrinsic stains are confined to the surface of your teeth. They appear as the result of drinking dark-colored drinks like coffee and grape juice, eating pigmented foods like berries, and smoking tobacco. You can reduce these stains with whitening toothpaste even if you don’t opt for a whitening procedure.

Intrinsic staining

Intrinsic stains are harder to prevent. They appear over time as you age. The yellowing that you see is the result of the white outer layer, called enamel, becoming thin and translucent to reveal the inner yellow portion, called dentin. The only way to reduce intrinsic staining is with a bleaching agent acquired at a dental office.

If you have yellow teeth or glaring dark stains, call or click to book a teeth-whitening consultation at Genesis Dentistry Dental Group today.